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and cons of post fade2014-May-4

There are plenty of options for monitoring in Pro Tools to adapt to most any studio setup. Inside Pro Tools software, the routing options vary only slightly between the latest versions. However, the external routing options available on your system vary based on the cheap jerseys interface you are using.

By default, the main left and right mixer outputs in Pro Tools are routed to Output 1 2 of the Wholesale NFL Jerseys interface, possibly called Main Output or another name according to your Pro Tools setup. Commonly, Output 1 2 are connected to the studio monitors for listening (1 Left channel, 2 Right channel). A separate mix for external use, such as a headphone mix, must use additional interface outputs (Output 3 4 for instance).

A track output is assigned using the pull down menu in the track I/O section. To use an interface output choose a mono or stereo pair in the Output sub menu. To send the signal internally, track to track for example, choose a Bus (from the Bus sub menu).

Note: A bus can be assigned to an interface output in the Pro Tools I/O Setup using the Mapping feature, but their customary use is for internal routing.

Headphone Mixes (Alternate Mixes)There are many uses for alternate mixes, but one of the most common is a separate headphone mix. Pro Tools can easily accommodate headphone mixes so long as the interface has the necessary outputs. We will stick with the term headphone mix, but understand the mix could be used for any purpose.

There are really two approaches to creating headphone mixes; add to the existing main mix, or building a mix of the tracks from scratch. The simplest approach for a headphone mix with some flexibility is to add a track to the main mix. If your headphone system accommodates multiple channels, simply assign the track to be added to a separate interface output that is connected to a headphone channel. For example, connect or send the main mix to headphone channels 1 2, then connect the additional track output to headphone channel 8 (example: a click track). The musician can blend the track on headphone 8 with the main mix as needed using the headphone system's mixer features. Done!

If your headphone system does not accommodate multiple inputs you can create a separate mix that mirrors the main mix, then add to that mix in Pro Tools using Auxiliary Sends (Aux sends). The following setup assumes the cheap nfl jerseys main mix for the control room monitors is assigned to Output 1 2 and the headphone amp is connected to Output 3 4 of the interface. This is only for explanation sake. You could use any open pair of outputs for the headphone connection.

Tip: Holding Option(Mac) or Alt(Windows) while creating an Aux send or selecting options will select or create that feature in that slot for all tracks in the session (does not change send level). Option click the Aux send faders to set them to 0. So long as the Aux sends are in their normal state (post fader), this should represent the mix levels. Select FMP on the Aux sends. FMP (Follow Main Pan) will replicate the position of the track pan. Pan an Aux send as preferred by de selecting FMP on that track. Output 3 4 should now mirror the main mix for the tracks included.

Post fader method 2 (The Lazy Method):

Select a secondary path for each included track by holding Control (Mac) or Start(Windows) and selecting Output 3 4 (or other output) on the main output menu for the track. The tracks are now assigned to Output 1 2 and Output 3 4. A small + will appear next to the output assignment indicating multiple outputs. No Aux send needed. To undo this for any track simply select an output without holding a modifier key. Add an Aux send to a track not used in the main mix and assign it to Output 3 4 to add it to the headphone mix. Note: There are pros and cons of post fader vs pre fader. Create a Master Fader track and assign it to the headphone mix outputs (Output 3 4 in our examples) to control the overall output for the headphone mix. You can create an Aux send, bus assignment, or other function on selected tracks only. Highlight the track name of the tracks you wish to control. Option+Shift+(Mac) or Alt+Shift+(Windows) the insert, bus, or other function you wish to alter or add on one of the tracks. All of the tracks will complete the action.

There are options for monitoring in Pro Tools that easily accommodate alternate or headphone mixes. The interface determines the setup options since alternate mixes used for headphones or other outside world uses require separate output connections.

Always practice caution when switching outputs and other settings in Pro Tools. Start by unplugging or turning down (completely) the monitoring levels for speakers, headphones, or any other device that could be harmed by feedback or unexpectedly loud levels.

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certain users have limite2014-May-4

We want to keep our subreddit legit for the cast and crew that have worked with us past and future. Any post or comment linking to a live stream or illegal download site for The Walking Dead will be removed. We will not censor our IRC channel, because it is a great medium for free speech and we support that. We understand that certain users have limited access to the show and can only obtain it through illegal means, we simply ask that you keep those discussion of piracy in PMs and not on this particular subreddit.

Breaking these piracy rules may warrant a ban.

So in 1 year our rough group of survivors killed well over 220 zombies. we can settle on an average kill rate of between 10 and 20 zombies per survivor per year. Lets be generous and make it 20 since there would presumably be some "off screen" kills not included in on screen statistics. Some survivors are obviously more proficient, others however drag the average down by not killing any (yeah looking at you baby ass kicker)

Already the show kill rate is lower than Anons assumed 10 per MONTH average. They are obviously busy doing something else. Which brings me to the other pre occupation of show characters:

Anon assumes no survivor death rate at all. In the show the survivors spend considerable time and effort finding food, medicine, competing with others over resources and most of all DYING.

Human deaths are tallied on the walking dead wiki.

Season 1:

21 Human deaths atlanta camp pop 33, There are other human characters (city gang and nursing home, as well as Morgan)

Season 2:

10 human deaths farm group roughly 20 people

Season 3:

72 human deaths of a large population including woodbury (73) national guardsmen and the prison group (RIP Big Tiny and T dog)

It hard to pick a rough death rate for the year but the population of survivor characters we see on screen is somewhere near 200 while the number of human deaths on screen is 103. Roughly a 50% death rate. They die from a diverse range of causes; human on human violence, walker bites, childbirth and even suicide. It doesn appear to change much.

Some of this stems from the desperation of a post industrial world without power, steady food supplies and from competition over remaining resources or lack of medication. None of those look likley to change so If we stick to the show observations the survivors are suffering from a mortality rate of about 50% per year. Think of this like a radioactive decay with a half life of one year.

this is by far the most grim divergance Derek Wolfe Jersey between Anons assumption and the show.

We must make more assumptions about how things change over longer periods of time:

How would the kill rate change over time as the number of zombies is reduced? Its modeled by assuming the kill rate per survivor would be related to the population density of zombies. The last zombie in the US would be very hard to find (3.1 million square miles for lower 48 states). We can use the average distance between zombies to give us a feel for how hard they are to find. Which it turns out is inversely related to the square Authentic Derek Wolfe Jersey root of density. Lets call that the kill coefficient.

In this way as the population of zombies is reduced it gets progressively much harder to kill them

As you can see Wes Welker man Jersey from this chart the effect is negligible until the zombie population drops below about 5 million zombies, by which point they become very hard to find as you must travel a significant distance to find just one.

The human survivor death rate (half life) will change. As people are more spread out they will find it harder to kill each other, disease will spread less easily and remaining resources will be shared by fewer people. However we cant simply use the same method as above because the death rate www.officialbroncosonlineproshop.com/83_wes_welker_jersey_cheap is also related to mean distance between zombies. If the mean distance between zombies is high enough, humans can stop behaving so badly. They can start farming and co operating again or even form a working government (maybe they can tell us how that done) and so on. Thus we must use both measures in opposition to each other to calculate death rate.

So yeah I actually went to the trouble of making a math based model using those assumptions. Calculus and shit.

Note: The big glaring hole in all of this is the original assumption that after the initial chaos there are still 300 million total zombies and survivors. If we instead assume the military wiped out around 2/3rds of the US population with a real good and proper shitstorm policy the model still converges on a fairly poor 6 of 30 survival ratio after 10 years.

The bad news: Statistically speaking it be a miracle if more than a 3 or 4 characters survive. Pick your favorite, but the chance of their kid or dad or love interest surviving is slim.

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Technology plays a large 2014-May-4

The drill crew usually is made up of five positions. "Roughnecks" work on the floor of the rig and in the mud room, operating machinery and maintaining equipment as necessary. Derrickmen are responsible for running mud room equipment, including mud pumps and holding pits. Derrickmen are assisted by a pumpman, and both Ryan Clady Jersey positions undertake roughneck duties as required. The assistant driller supervises the roughneck, pumpman and derrickman, and assists the driller, who is in charge of the drilling operation and who runs the equipment. The driller has a high level of responsibility and expertise. University education is not required, but technical training and experience is for drillers and drillers assistants. As of May 2010, roughnecks could expect to earn about $59,000 annually; pumpmen $60,500; derrickmen $65,000; assistant drillers $72,500 and drillers $86,000.

The deck crews consist of five positions. Maintenance roustabouts perform general maintenance duties such as cleaning and painting the rig deck; as of May 2010 they could expect to earn about $47,000 annually in this entry level job. The maintenance foreman is responsible for overseeing the work of the maintenance roustabouts and earns about $59,000. General roustabouts, distinct from maintenance roustabouts, help guide the deck crane and also help roughnecks on the rig floor when needed; they earn about $54,000. Assistant crane operators are typically experienced roustabouts who have the qualifications to operate cranes, earning $59,000. The crane operator has the main task on deck of operating the crane and of supervising the deck crew. The crane operator earns about $69,500.

Since a large number of the world's gas and oil reserves are offshore in unstable regions such as the Middle East, Africa and South America, security is a concern aboard oil rigs. Most security guards aboard oil rigs are employees of specialized firms and many are ex servicemen with significant expertise in security issues. Technology plays a large part in oil rig security, Peyton Manning Womens Jersey including the use of radar sensors to detect incoming vessels. While the mean annual wage for a conventional security guard in 2009 was $26,430, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security personnel in the energy sector had a mean annual wage of $64,610.

How to Get A Job With A Seismic Oil Exploration Company

How to Get A Job With A Seismic Oil Exploration Company. . For these type of jobs you should have some Authentic Ryan Clady Jersey electronics.

Oil Rig Jobs Salaries

Oil Rig Jobs Salaries. . Offshore Drilling Rig Types. There are several types of oil rigs. Each is designed to perform.

Offshore Drilling Rig Types www.officialbroncosonlineproshop.com/18_peyton_manning_jersey_cheap

Types of Oil Rig Jobs. Types of Oil Rig Jobs. Oil rigs operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, usually.

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Am I a difficult person2014-May-4

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How to deal with difficult daughter in law [ 5 Answers ]

My daughter in law is a control freak. Her mother is exactly the same. My daughter in law seems to delight in fighting with me in order to keep me from seeing my granddaughters. My son is easy going and to keep the peace goes along with her behaviour. Ever since she came into the family she has.

Why is Women's Ryan Howard Jersey it so difficult for a non related person to get custody of a child? [ 2 Answers ]

I have a situation regarding seeking non related custody of my biological grandson's half brother. The child turned six on Christmas and has lived with me since April of 2007, without contact from his biological father since June of 2007. The mother was my son's girlfriend and they now have a two.

Am I a difficult person? [ 1 Answers ]

Hi I am an easy going person but I feel angry when I see something bad. My family see me as Aa difficult person who gets angry fast. I think they hesitate to deal with me. Am I really a difficult one?

Am I a Women's Chase Utley Jersey difficult person? [ 1 Answers ]

I am an easy going person but sometimes I feel angry when I see something bad. My family see me as a difficult person who gets http://www.philliesofficialauthentic.com/Authentic-Chase-Utley-Jersey angry fast. I feel they hesitate to deal with me. Am I really difficult?

How do you calmy deal with philliesofficialauthentic.com/Authentic-Ryan-Howard-Jersey difficult child? [ 7 Answers ]

Okay I don't want to come off as a bad mother who dosn't care about her child, because I would give up my life for him. It is just that sometimes he is so difficult. He is only two and dosn't understand many things, but he won't listen to a word I say. I put him in time out and he just gets right.

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Pennsylvania Station is t2014-May-4

Transportation in New York is made up of some of the most extensive and one of the oldest transportation infrastructures in the country. Engineering difficulties because of the terrain of New York State and the unique issues of New York City brought on by urban crowding have had to be overcome since the state was young. Population expansion of the state generally followed the path of the early waterways, first the Hudson River and then the Erie Canal. Today, railroad lines and the New York State Thruway follow the same general route.

Transportation was used early on to support industry and commerce in New York State. The Boston Post Road, between what then the relatively small City of New York and Boston, began as a path to deliver the post using post riders (the first ride to lay out the Upper Post Road starting January 22, 1673), and developed into a wagon, or stage road in later colonial times. During the 19th century, pieces of the road were taken over and improved by turnpike companies. In the 1910s and 1920s, the Lower Post Road alignment (and realignments made to the route) was a National Auto Trail known as the Boston Post Road. Route 1.

By the American Revolutionary War, the colonial Province of New York was still small and relatively sparsely populated. In the 1790 United States Census, the state had a population of 340,120, placing it behind Virginia (747,610), Pennsylvania (434,373), Massachusetts (378,787).[1] The state grew rapidly after this as New York City grew to become the country's shipping epicenter. On October 24, 1825, the Erie Canal opened and over the next century would make boom towns out of the Upstate cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Rome, Utica and Schenectady. Use of the canal would only decline after 1950. Cities Demaryius Thomas Jersey in New York State would frequently show up as amongst the largest in the United States during the 19th, and into the early 20th century.

The other major contribution to New York's transportation system was its extensive railroad network. Today, the canals are primarily used for recreation.

Erie Canal

New York Barge Canal

Urban mass Authentic Demaryius Thomas Jersey transit

One of the most famous urban mass Von Miller man Jersey transit systems in the world is the New York City Subway.

Besides New York City, many of the other cities have mass transit systems.

Buffalo Metro Rail serves Buffalo, the second largest city in the state. Only a small part exists under the old Erie Canal Aqueduct. In its day, the system would carry people underground on what were essentially streetcars. If the system still existed today, it would probably be described as a light rail service.

Rochester, Utica, and other upstate cities once had streetcar and interurban systems. New York City's Pennsylvania Station is the busiest of Amtrak's rail stations. The most popular and heavily used routes in the Amtrak system are those on the Northeast Corridor, which include the Acela Express, Metroliner, and Regional.

Amtrak's Empire Service trains provide frequent daily service along the 460 mile (740 Empire Corridor between New York City and Niagara Falls. The route was formerly the Water Level Route of the New York Central Railroad to Buffalo and then the former Buffalo and Niagara Falls Railroad. One train, known as the Maple Leaf, continues beyond Niagara Falls to Toronto. It follows the Hudson River between New York City and Albany with an Interstate 87 designation and the Erie Canal between Albany and the Pennsylvania border with an Interstate 90 designation.

Main article: Parkways in New York State

New York is home to many parkways www.officialbroncosonlineproshop.com/58_von_miller_jersey_cheap built by Robert Moses. Among his projects are the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, the Staten Island Expressway, the Cross Bronx Expressway, the Belt Parkway, the Laurelton Parkway, and many more.

Other parkways include the Cross County Parkway in Westchester, the Taconic State Parkway, the Palisades Interstate Parkway, the Northern State Parkway and the Southern State Parkway (the latter two both in Long Island).

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